Pine Hill Condo Site Plan

    Pine Hill Condo Site Plan

    Pine Hill Condo is a new residential development located in the heart of Singapore. The development is a joint venture between UOL Group and Singlanf Group. The site plan of the project comprises of three distinct zones – the residential zone, the commercial zone and the leisure zone.

    The residential zone of Pine Hill Condo consists of 12 towers, each tower comprised of up to 24 storeys. The total number of residential units available is 532. The development offers a variety of unit types, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom and penthouses. All units come with a balcony.

    The commercial zone of Pine Hill Condo consists of two commercial buildings, both of which are to be completed in 2026. These buildings will house a variety of retail stores, restaurants, cafes and other services.

    The leisure zone of Pine Hill Condo is made up of an outdoor recreational area, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a playground and a jogging track. The outdoor recreational area is a landscaped public space with lush greenery, water features, seating and barbecues. It is the perfect spot for residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

    The Pine Hill Condo site plan also includes a pedestrian-friendly design, with landscaped walkways, bike paths and a pedestrian plaza. The development also features a network of green spaces, including a central park, a rainforest walk and a botanic garden. All of these add to the overall aesthetic of the development and create a pleasant environment for residents.

    Overall, the Pine Hill Condo site plan caters to the needs of all residents. It provides them with a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment to live in. The development also offers a variety of recreational and leisure activities, ensuring that residents have plenty of things to do.